Ella Malin

Ella Malin

I learnt a lot from the course in regards to fine-tuning my presentation skills; listening to others; understanding peoples' different backgrounds and making good use of my abilities. Also, I learnt a great deal of business knowledge which has helped me in my current job. 

Home country : UK   

Course: MSc Accounting & Finance (Class of 2007)

'I studied BA International Business and French before joining Aston to study my MSc. I participated in the Erasmus scheme in Poland during my 4 year degree and it was there that I got hooked on finance and accountancy.

'As I did my undergraduate degree in London, I felt that in doing a Masters degree I needed to go back home and study in a city where I could breathe; I knew it was going to be very difficult and that I would need family support. I chose Aston because I read really good reviews about it. 

'Plus it is in the top 2 for Masters courses within the UK and top 13 in Europe. In addition, when I came to the open evening I really gelled with the lecturers and it felt the right place to be.

'Undertaking a Masters course is very hard, so anyone thinking of studying one should be prepared mentally! But the experience is so worth it! I now have a great job, working and living abroad, and I have adapted very easily because while at Aston I learnt how to work with, and understand international students’ work ethic and way of life. Plus the quality of teaching was very high, as all the lecturers have worked in finance, so they were always up to date with their notes and anecdotes.

'I started my graduate traineeship after I finished my course and since I started I've already had a 25% pay-rise and I've been posted to work in one of our offices abroad.

'Having my Masters has helped now that I am in the work place and gaining experience. My directors are really impressed with the qualification and mention it regularly to others. I think it will help even more once I've been here a little longer. In addition I've found that having an MSc means that people in my workplace don't talk down to me or treat me like the other 'juniors'. I don't have to do the 'boring' things and I was given responsibility the minute I started.'

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