Ekaterina Polityko

Ekaterina Polityko

Taking on the challenge of an MSc in International Business was a life-changing decision, which gave Ekaterina the opportunity to study abroad and then helped her get a job that she admits would otherwise have been out of reach.

Home country: Russia

Course: MSc International Business (Class of 2007)

A year after completing the course, she was flying high as a Business Development Executive, based in Manchester. As part of the Assurance Consultancy team, she concentrates on business sales and therefore attends meetings with clients across the UK, prepares commercial proposals and participates in tenders.

The 25-year-old, from Russia, chose Aston Business School after a visit to an education fair in Moscow. Having chosen Aston, Ekaterina set about familiarising herself with the content of all available courses and soon realised that International Business was exactly what she was looking for.

“When I met representatives from Aston Business School I liked their approach to recruiting students. They were friendly and clearly explained to me what Aston had to offer and how much I would enjoy its facilities. It was also important for me to find out how high the FT ranking was compared to other business schools in Europe, how reasonable the tuition fee was and the availability of campus accommodation. I really enjoyed living in Birmingham, the shopping and night life is great there. It has good transport links so I could easily travel around the UK and fly abroad too.”

Ekaterina enjoyed the variety of courses within the MSc which helped her to understand international business. She also thrived when working on her assignments, which were always related to real business situations. Spending a week in Toulouse, France, to study business there, was a great bonus. Ekaterina also enjoyed her three week exchange to Oslo, Norway, for both the beautiful scenery and the study programme.

“The topic of the Summer School – Scandinavian Business Model – is essential for everyone who is pursuing a career in an international company. Scandinavians have a very special leadership and management style – learning this in practice will help me to avoid misunderstanding while working with Scandinavians."

She said her time in Aston was not only full of great memories but helped changed her career path. “I am happy to work for NCC Group, but I know I couldn’t have got a role there without my Masters degree. Although I don’t have years of consultancy experience, my company puts trust in me, expecting that as a Masters graduate I would quickly learn the way the business ran and would bring fresh ideas to it. The course at Aston gave me confidence in my capabilities and knowledge and of course learning skills – to understand new situations ‘on the go’ and build up my experience.”

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