Alfredo Argueta

Alfredo Argueta

Aston has one of the most highly regarded business schools in England and in Europe. When I found out that they offered a Masters degree in International Business I was extremely interested. Aston University is also located in Birmingham, which is the second largest city in the UK.

Home country: Honduras

Course: MSc International Business (Class of 2006)   

‘I chose to study at Aston as I had the great honour of winning the coveted Chevening Scholarship award. These scholarships are awarded by the UK Foreign Commonwealth Office and administered by the British Council and allow talented people from all over the world to come to the UK to obtain a postgraduate degree. I am very proud to say only one scholarship was give to the country of Honduras for the year 2005-2006 and that I was the recipient.

‘It was a truly positive and wonderful experience studying here in the UK. The quality of education is of the highest standard, and the quality of my peers in the classroom was just as outstanding. A Masters degree really adds depth to your undergraduate degree. My business degree was more of an overall and generalist look at business administration, whereas the Masters degree I took really focused on the scope of international business.

‘I found that the Masters degree here in the UK allowed me to look at things from a different perspective. This allows you to be more creative with business solutions, ideas and projects. One of the best things during this year was the international scope of my classroom. You can’t put a price on interacting with people from different nations, and cultures. It allows you to learn from each other, opens your mind, and gives you a new perspective on things which in the end will help you become a more successful business person. To give you an example my syndicate/tutorial group was made up of 6 people from 6 different nationalities. They were from China, Greece, Germany, Norway, South Korea, and yours truly from Honduras. We worked through many assignments and case studies all year and it was a brilliant collaboration.

‘From the day you arrive you will make a large amount of friends. People are very open and eager to learn from someone that is different from them. While in the UK I played with the Aston University Water Polo team. I also volunteered in a local elementary school in Malvern, England, where I spent the day teaching the kids how to dance salsa and merengue, both of which are very popular dances originating from Latin America.

‘I think the greatest achievement I’ve made while in the UK has been the incredible international network I’ve built. I can literally say I have contacts all over the world now. It truly fulfilled my ambitions of being able to engage in international business with people spanning the globe.

‘Many international students when they leave their home might feel homesick and a bit nervous in a new surrounding. Many students tend to stick with people from similar backgrounds, this is totally ok and you build a great network of people in your same area and region, but I would encourage students to reach out to students from different countries, areas and regions in the world. Be interested in their life experiences because you can learn a great deal from them. Have an open mind and soak in the international experience! While in the UK it is so easy to travel to other European countries. I would also recommend that students try to travel both within the UK and outside.’

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