MBA Project

The Aston Edge offers our MBA candidates the opportunity to stand out from the competition. Through a range of personal and professional development workshops based on the latest thinking in behavioural science and business networking opportunities, our MBAs develop the skills they need to succeed in business. The Aston MBA concludes with an MBA Project uniting these professional skills with the theory taught throughout the course.

Aston MBA alumni, Ilyas Nussanov and Yerbol Baimakhanov, both have extensive IT experience and wanted to put their knowledge into practice within the context of the MBA. The pair chose to undertake a consultancy project with UV Light Technology.

MBA Project presentation
MBA Project planning
MBA Project filming

The brief set by Managing Director Paul Jackson was to find a solution to the problem of providing customers with health and safety product training sessions that were both costly and time-consuming for the company. After extensive research and planning, they came up with a digital transformation project to migrate the training sessions to an e-learning platform. Yerbol and Ilyas worked with Paul and his team to produce the content and integrate the platform into the company’s website ready for Paul’s clients to engage with. 

By reducing the gap between research and practice, the Aston Edge gives MBAs a real opportunity to gain new skills and experiences to help them secure their next role further up the career ladder. Paul added that “This was an ambitious project which could only have been achieved by two students working together, Yerbol and Ilyas were fully committed and worked extremely hard to deliver a product that can be added to our offering and sold to customers, increasing our competitive advantage."

Since completing the MBA, Ilyas has gone on to work at EY as an IT, Risks and Advisory Consultant and Yerbol is now a Senior Consultant at KPMG.

The MBA project ties together everything that you have learnt on the course. It will enable you to apply theory and method to real managerial issues in real organisations.

You will have the opportunity to conduct an in-depth research project into a particular organisation or business area using the knowledge and skills you have developed throughout the course.

The project is a practical learning experience and you will be expected to take initiative in planning and executing the project under the guidance of a dedicated supervisor with specialist knowledge of your area of interest.

  • Undertaking a live consultancy project for a client 
  • Writing a business plan for a start-up 
  • Conducting a themed research project. 
  • Complete a report on an in-company internship in the UK or abroad 
  • Study at one of our partner institutions and undertake a related extended project. 

You may also complete an internship or study abroad in addition to your major project.

*Project type subject to availability