Business Project

The project is the single most important piece of work that you will complete while studying for the Aston MBA. Students usually work with an organisation for 8-12 weeks as, in effect, an unpaid consultant, producing a client report under the supervision of an Aston member of staff. Although you will be supported by the Business School in sourcing your project, you will need to contact and obtain agreement from the organisation you choose to work with.

The project’s learning aims are to:
  • Enable you to apply theory and method from your academic work to real managerial issues in real organisations
  • Enable you, with support from the Business School, to develop skills in defining a problem, selecting appropriate methodologies, finding and managing relevant data, planning a complex piece of work, making a critical analysis and presenting a well-structured, lucid report with productive conclusions
  • Equip you with the ability to commission and evaluate the research and reports that are vital tools for any senior manager.
Some Examples of recent MBA Projects:
  • ‘Market Analysis for an Online Recruitment Business’ – Mobile Telecomms Company
  • ‘Quality Planning and Preparation for New Model Launch’ – Major Car Manufacturer
  • ‘Managing Change Within A European Company’ – Major Steel Manufacturer
  • ‘Strategic Marketing Plan’ – Public Sector Organisation
  • ‘Improving Financing for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Vietnam to refuel its growth.’ – Major Car Manufacturer
  • ‘Effect of Foreign Direct Investment on Telecommunications Development in Tanzania’ – Tanzanian Telecommunications Company
  • ‘A Review of Hedging Strategies’ – International Airline
  • ‘A study of the impact of a positive culture on business performance’ Finance Group
  • ‘A pricing framework’ – International Logistics Company.
A small number of students each year choose to produce a purely academic piece of work. For instance:
  • ‘The Role of Selection Methods, in particular Psychometric Testing, as a means of accurately predicting job performance in employee selection’
  • ‘The Ecuadorian Balance of Payments: Determinants and Impact’.

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