Core Modules

Organisational Behaviour
This module uses psychology, sociology and anthropology to give you a deep understanding of organisational behaviour and how it can improve the performance and wellbeing of people at work. The module examines issues of globalisation, diversity and cultural differences. It offers insights from the most senior levels of the UK and European organisations.

Operations Management
Operations Management is key to business competitiveness. You need to understand how your management decisions and the management of resources affect performance. The module introduces Operations Management techniques from around the world, particularly Japanese JIT concepts. Case studies are used extensively in this module and there are visits to local organisations such as Jaguar Cars, Cadburys and TNT Express.

Marketing Management
Every manager needs to understand the key concepts and theories in Marketing and develop analytical and presentational skills in this field. You will look at case studies, readings and examples drawn from markets around the world, with specific focus on international companies such as Brita and Adidas. 

Business Finance
Your introduction to corporate financial management. The module gives you an appreciation of the balance between risk, uncertainty and financial returns. It requires you to calculate and interpret key financial information and introduces important financial theories. The examination requires you to answer a mixture of numerical and essay questions.

Accounting for Business
If you want to run a business, you need to understand the Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow. You may also need to understand international financial reporting. This module introduces you to the spectrum of financial information used by managers in planning and decision-making. Case studies are drawn from the UK, Europe, USA and Japan.

Business, Ethics and Responsibility
As a senior manager, you need to be aware of the role of ethics in managerial decision making. This module covers some of the great international ethical debates surrounding globalisation, global brands, fair trade, social responsibility and philanthropy.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship
You will study how entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity lead to enhanced wealth creation. The module draws widely on international academic and case studies, relating academic theory to practical examples.

Business Economics and Strategy
You will develop the ability to apply economic theories, concepts and tools to the analysis of strategic questions faced by businesses. The module will also give you an understanding of how the macro-economic environment affects business strategy, and will examine competition in international industries. It features guest contributors who hold senior corporate positions.

Leadership Development
This module uses psychology, social psychology and organisational behaviour to create a deeper understanding of effective leadership. You will develop specific skills for improving your own leadership behaviours and a personal mastery plan for your continued leadership development. The course team draws upon its extensive corporate connections with national and international corporations and with Wharton School’s Global Leadership and Organisational Effectiveness Programme.

Strategic Management
The aim of the module is to introduce you to the main concepts and thought processes in strategic management. The course develops your strategic awareness and strategy skills, making you critically aware of the factors that contribute to successful business strategies - in the context of global economic and political forces, and new information technology.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research