MBA consultancy FAQs

Q: What are the benefits to the organisation?

A: Feedback from last year reported that organisations really valued the following:
  • MBA’s time dedicated to a particular issue
  • External perspective bringing fresh knowledge and understanding
  • Access to expertise at Aston Business School (in top 1% of business schools world-wide)
  • Extended interview as employer got to see MBA in action and value brought to organisation
  • Good value consultancy for work which might not otherwise not have been done
Q: Can you tell me what projects have been done in the past to give me an idea of what an MBA could do for us?

A: In general an MBA project is complex and/or strategic in nature. All project titles get checked by the academic department to verify they are of the correct standard for an MBA before we advertise them to the participants. Some of the project titles last year included:
  • Pricing Growth Strategy – Brewers
  • Talent Management Strategy – Brewers
  • Strategic Business Modelling – Telecoms
  • Market and Cost Benefit Analysis – Telecoms
  • Strategic Analysis and Positioning for new product – Education
  • Market and Competitor Analysis – Airline
  • Strategic Transformation Customer Experience – Public Sector
  • Integrated Service Delivery Model & Process Mapping – Public Sector
  • Return on Investment for Learning and Development Project – ‘Big 4’ Audit & Consultancy
  • Business Process Integration Strategy – International Automotive Manufacturer
Q: What are the timings?

A: The following timings apply to full-time MBAs (there is scope outside of this for part time MBAs to do a project for you, please contact us to discuss if necessary):
  • The Business School needs to have basic project outline by late December 2011
  • Then the business school works with students to allocate the right project titles to the MBAs
  • You meet your MBA to discuss your requirements and establish the project framework
  • MBA meets with you early May to pin down TOR, aims, objectives, project plan etc
  • MBA starts work June/July for 8-12 weeks
  • MBA completes work and provides business report and presentation Sept/Oct
  • (There may be a ‘Project Event’ at the business school March/April where you would meet academic supervisors and MBAs but this is to be confirmed)
Q: What commitment is required from the organisation?

A: The answer is not a huge amount:
  • The MBA will need to meet/talk with you regularly to keep the project on track
  • They will need access to whatever systems/people/data YOU need them to access in order to undertake the work
  • They don’t need a permanent desk, phone, email – they will work largely remotely with some meetings at your premises
Q. What about confidentiality?

A: We completely understand that some projects are sensitive:
  • If your project requires the student and/or academic to sign a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement that is absolutely fine
  • If you would like the University to destroy the project document after marking that is also fine
Q. What happens next?

A:   Contact us:
  • If you think you would like to have an MBA project undertaken contact Iwan Griffiths on email at i.griffiths@aston.ac.uk or by telephone on 0121 204 4813

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