Entry Requirements

For direct enrolment onto the MBA programmes, you will need one of the following:

  • A good UK honours degree
  • An equivalent overseas degree recognised by Aston University
  • A degree-level professional qualification.


  • At least three years relevant post-graduation work experience by the time you start your programme
  • For Full Time and Online MBA applicants only: A well-rounded GMAT score may be required.
  • An official academic transcript of your grades (in English)
  • Two references - at least one from an academic referee, the other from your current or previous employer. Two professional references may be accepted from applicants with substantial work experience. 

Admission outside of these guidelines is possible for exceptional students. If you have extensive work experience but no graduate qualifications, you may be enrolled as a Diploma student and attend all the same classes as MBA students. If your first set of results is acceptable, you will transfer straight across to the MBA at no extra cost. 

You may also study any four modules from those offered within the MBA degree and you will be awarded a Certificate – these can be studied either on a part-time basis with other MBA students.

If you wish to experience an MBA module prior to full enrolment or if you would like to study a particular module out of interest or for work purposes, you may also study individual modules of your choice.

For Diploma, Certificate and individual module study please contact us for further details. 

English Language Requirements 2013/14


  • 105  Internet-based (with a minimum score of 22 in any section).

 * Test of Written English


  • 7 overall with no less than 6 in any section.

We may offer places on our MBA programme to candidates with lower English scores on condition that they successfully complete a pre-sessional English course at Aston University.  Students who successfully complete their pre-sessional course are guaranteed a place on the Aston MBA.


8 week pre-sessional

12 week pre-sessional

16 week pre-sessional


6.0 overall with 6.0 or above in any section

5.5 overall with 5.5 or above in any section

5.0 overall with 5.0 or above in any section


At least 85 overall (with a minimum score of  21 in reading and writing, 20 in listening and 22 in speaking)

At least 75 (with a minimum score of 18 in reading and writing, 17 in listening and 20 in speaking)



At least 70 overall (with a minimum score of 17 in reading and writing, 16 in listening and 19 in speaking)




 At least 59 overall (with a minimum score of 59 in each section)  At least 51 overall (with a minimum score of 51 in each section)  At least 47 overall (with a minimum score of 47 in each section)



Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research