Stephen Bryan

Stephen Bryan

Job title
Group Managing Director

Active Human Capital Group

MBA Full-time (Class of 1993)

How would you describe the learning experience at Aston Business School?
Beyond my expectation, especially in a 'return to learning' context.

What have you gained (personally and professionally) from your MBA programme at Aston Business School?
Enhanced knowledge and understanding of the way in which business and commerce really works.

What do you consider to be the most positive aspects of your experience at Aston Business School?
The interaction between the student cohort was inspirational. Each brought different business experiences, many from an international persepctive. I learnt as much from them as from the outstanding teaching on the course.

How has your Aston MBA helped you further your career?
My MBA changed my life. It allowed me to change direction and build a successful new career.

What would you consider to be your main achievements since gaining your MBA at Aston?

It gave me the credibility to work for KPMG for 6 years and the confidence to break away from the corporate world and become the Managing Director of a start up business - which is still going strong 5 years later.

How have you been able to utilise the network that you built up during your time at Aston Business School?
I have remained good friends with a few of my MBA cohort. It is good to meet up with those who live in different parts of the world.

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