Stefan Tesche

Stefan Tesche - Aston Full-time MBA (2004)

Programme: MBA Full-time (Class of 2004)
Nationality: German
Title: Director Global Account Novartis, Unisys (Zurich)

As someone who works in International business, the Aston MBA provided me with the tools I needed to ensure that I was offering all that I could in my sector. My career has been in IT, and I have led multinational teams in the areas of M&A, turnaround management, and restructuring. Currently, I am working for the Unisys Corporation as Director of Global Accounts for our client Norvatis.

I was attracted to Aston initially because the school had a strong partnership with my undergraduate university. I came to the Business School for an open day, and its open and inviting culture came across to me almost immediately.

The Aston MBA helped me in my career most noticeably in its emphasis on the importance of global team work. As part of my job, I work with many people from different cultures, backgrounds and companies on a day-to-day basis, and the passion I developed for internationality at Aston Business School has truly made all the difference in my subsequent career path.

I was recently asked to join the ABS advisory board, an offer I was very pleased to accept. I have enjoyed returning to Aston in this capacity, as it enables me to come full circle by sharing the experiences that I have had since completing my MBA, and how the MBA itself has shaped those experiences.

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