Shivani Vaghela

Shivani Vahela - Aston Part-time MBA (2012)

Programme: MBA Part-time (Class of 2012)
Nationality: British
Title: Divisional Director, Jacobs Engineering


When I think back to the time I started the Aston MBA instantly I think 'wow what an incredible, life changing journey! '.

My career was going really well, but I felt my experience needed an extra boost to help me continue to progress at the same fast rate.  After investigating many business schools I felt ABS was the place where I would gain the best knowledge in a flexible learning environment.   As I was a self-funding student I chose a part time MBA.  My job at the time also required a course that allowed flexibility to and the option to pause studying or reduce the workload.  The Aston MBA did that without reducing the course quality or accreditation.

The MBA reinforced many of my own thoughts on business theory, it gave me the confidence to express myself with rigour and back up.  I had just been promoted to Technical Director as I started the course and knew that the knowledge from the MBA would support my new position.  The MBA gave me vision and a hunger to develop and experience more within the business world.

A number of fabulous business opportunities came my way within a year of the part time course;  my role expanded to include trouble shooting projects for a business unit of over 600 staff and complex high profile clients.  This was followed by project managing the second stage of a major acquisition in India of over 2000 staff.  As I gained more knowledge through the MBA my career excelled in parallel and helped me focus and deliver projects that were mutually beneficial to both the company and clients.

For my dissertation I chose to carry out my own consultancy work.  Having worked in the private sector focussing on shareholder value and the bottom line for most of my career, I secured a not-for-profit strategic project for Birmingham Children's Hospital - another huge challenge but one again that opened my eyes to other areas of the business world.

Towards the end of my MBA further opportunities in wider business roles and another promotion to a Divisional Director position came my way.  Having been in this position for almost a year, new opportunities are still arriving.  The decision to take on an MBA is a huge commitment and the work and effort required was sometimes overwhelming and difficult with full time work.  It taught me a lot about my stamina and ability, I gained some amazing friends, but most of all I truly believe that it has opened a world of opportunity and an even bigger personal desire for success.

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