Matthew Hidderley

Matthew Hidderley

Job title
Business Development Manager

Birmingham Science Park Aston

MBA Part-time (Class of 2008)

Why did you choose Aston Business School?

I chose Aston Business School because it has an excellent reputation that was accredited and I was personally recommended by previous colleagues who had found the MBA course to be worthwhile and a valuable experience.

How would you describe the learning experience at Aston Business School?
The learning experience provided an array of real life experiences delivered by leading academics with industry experience coupled with learning from fellow senior and experienced participants from a varied industry and background.

What have you gained (personally and professionally) from your MBA programme at Aston Business School?
I have gained an in-depth learning experience of many business environments and situations with tried and tested case studies which I can now apply to my work place through to enhancing my career progression.

What do you consider to be the most positive aspects of your experience at Aston Business School?
The most positive aspect of my experience at Aston Business School has been the enthusiasm of the staff to support the development of students through to the continued support and access to resources following completion of my studies.

How has your Aston MBA helped you further your career?
The Aston MBA has already helped further my career and will continue to play a significant factor in my future career progression.

What would you consider to be your main achievements since gaining your MBA at Aston?
One of my main achievements since gaining my MBA has been my ability to transfer some of my learning to other colleagues through to personal recognition and achievements in the workplace.

How have you been able to utilise the network that you built up during your time at Aston Business School?
The network that you build up at Aston Business School has been very useful through to the current alumni events and activities that are ongoing which allow you to expand your network further and tap into further resources of the Business School.

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