Karen Parnell

Karen Parnell

Job title
Product Marketing Director

Virage Logic

MBA Part-time (Class of 2004)

Why did you choose Aston Business School?
Prestigious MBA University with a flexible part time programme. The distance learning lectures were always in sync with the full time students on video so always up to the minute and discussing the very latest principles

How would you describe the learning experience at Aston Business School?
The course was extremely valuable on many levels from learning new skills to honing existing ones to meeting many and varied people from a diverse range of industries, companies and backgrounds. The course increased my network of colleagues and friends.

What have you gained (personally and professionally) from your MBA at Aston Business School?
I have gained a more in depth understanding of all aspects of business and in particular marketing. My ability to deeply research data for business plans and ROI was strengthened.

What do you consider to be the most positive aspects of your experience at Aston Business School?
I really value the camaraderie gained through the on-site summer school activities. I also value keeping up to date on the latest business trends and techniques via the Alumni networking events.

How has your Aston MBA helped you further your career?
I was able to make the leap from a Marketing Managers position to a Product Marketing Director in an adjacent technology sector.

What would you consider to be your main achievements since gaining your MBA at Aston?
I was able to take on a management position and built a small marketing team which was able to show very positive results which directly and positively impacted the business unit revenue goals.

How have you been able to utilise the network that you built up during your time at Aston Business School?
I have kept in touch with some of my fellow MBA students and we meet up a few times a year at MBA Association events to catch up on each others careers and personal lives.

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