Ehsun Saeed

Ehsun Saeed

Home country

MBA Full-time (Class of 2008)

"I chose Aston because it has a great reputation, especially in research.  Its appeal is that Aston is an old university which has an established MBA programme.  I did most of my own research on the website and my uncle had done his MBA at Aston years ago.  I was also lucky enough to be awarded a full scholarship.

"The MBA programme involves rigorous work with a good mix of contemporary modules and I particularly enjoy the group discussions where I have the opportunity to exchange ideas with my classmates. There are more than 20 nationalities on the MBA, so we can all learn from each other. We also enjoy the involvement of the British part-time students.  There is good idea and knowledge sharing.  We also mix socially where we can learn more than just academic information about each other. 

"Birmingham is very diverse culturally and very different from my home country.   The city is very lively and colourful and there is a strong mix of old and modern architecture, great shopping and good transportation links.  The canals are very picturesque and the city looks especially lovely in the winter with snow.

"The Aston MBA has given me the confidence to excel in the workplace and I now have a more global outlook.  The case studies have been particularly useful because you can put into practice what you are learning and you can see examples in action every day.  My communication skills have also improved as I have to relate to many people from different backgrounds and cultures."

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research