Rebecca Wassell

Rebecca Wassell - Aston Full-time MBA (2005)

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Human resources director

Messier-Dowty Ltd

MBA Full-time (Class of 2005)

‘Why on earth did I do an MBA – 12 modules of learning and a detailed research project?’ That is a question that Rebecca Wassell has sometimes posed herself, but she is quick to respond.

‘Then I think back to just how much fun it was, the networks I built, how much I learned, and the major, positive impact it had on my life. Not a bad decision after all then!’

Rebecca applied to Aston Business School at a time in her life when she really wanted to change direction and fulfil some dreams.

Until that point, she had spent all her working life with the NHS, firstly in microbiology and then general management, but wanted a career outside public services. She also wanted to disprove a widely-held theory that those working in the public sector are unable to operate in the private sector.

Rebecca therefore elected to follow the MBA route with Aston Business School, plus a dissertation at Lucas Diesel Systems.

‘The MBA undoubtedly helped me in my quest, because it gave credibility to my competence and capabilities and helped me to acquire a full-time job with Lucas Diesel Systems, which later became part of Delphi Automotive,” she said. “I would not have achieved that without the MBA.’

Rebecca made the switch from the public to private sector in 1998 and her career has moved on rapidly ever since. She is now HR director of Messier-Dowty Ltd, a designer and manufacturer of landing gear for military and civil aircraft.

Rebecca is also regional chairperson for the West Midlands Association of
MBAs, which is all about building networks and continuing education, such is her commitment to the programme.

Rebecca continued: “I chose Aston Business School because of its reputation in delivering a first-class programme – then the fun started.

‘It was the fastest 12 months on record, filled with debate, case study, presentations, teamwork, researching, networking - you name it, we did it.

‘Was it worth it? Emphatically, yes.

‘Lots of people do know what an MBA can do for their business and, if it’s from an accredited school, then it carries so much more meaning.

‘Would I recommend it to anyone else? Yes again.

‘An MBA is not really about getting three little letters after your name and a certificate to hang on the wall. More, it’s a life changing experience.

‘Through my MBA, I became much more observant, I learned how to think more strategically, what ‘vision’ really is and, more importantly, how to use it to the benefit of the organization and those that live within it.

‘Anyone who thinks they are pretty good at what they do should enrol.

‘Then they would see what good can look like, and how it motivates – no – inspires you to aim higher and higher, those dreams becoming a possibility.

‘Whether studied part or full-time, or by distance learning, you’ll need commitment, but the MBA will stimulate you to continue learning.

‘Go for it – you won’t regret it.’

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