Ravinol Chambers

Ravinol Chambers - Aston Full-time MBA (2007)
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BeInspired Consulting (social purpose consultant)
Hoss Productions (video production company)


MBA Full-time (Class of 2007)

As a successful entrepreneur, property investor and freelance consultant, Ravinol has flourished in the world of work. But he gained the confidence and know-how to go it alone from his time at Aston.

The 35-year-old Irishman had already made Birmingham his home before he chose to study at Aston, but when he discovered a great atmosphere at an open day his mind was made up. He also loved the camaraderie of a course which emphasised group learning in which he could thrive.

"I chose Aston Business School for a number of reasons,” he said. “The proximity to home, but more importantly the friendly and inclusive atmosphere I experienced at the open day."

“I noticed a particular contrast to some of the business schools I visited. ABS emphasised the group-learning element of the MBA and this attracted me. I wanted to learn from others and also enjoy the MBA experience and the diversity of knowledge it would bring. All this along with the triple accreditation sealed the deal for me.”

Ravinol now runs a social purpose consultancy called BeInspired Consulting, which supports all aspects of project management, development and strategy for charities, local government, education, CSR and social investment. He is currently working on a contract to engage multiagency stakeholders and develop the business plan for an exciting Youth Café venture for a large Midlands public service provider. He is also working with Education Business Partnerships to develop a Customer Relationship Management system to manage the engagement of Businesses with the National Curriculum, which is a rapidly growing area.

Ravinol started his MBA part-time in 2003 but took a break due to work and personal commitments. He then decided it would be better to study the MBA full-time and started in October 2006. The following year he handed in his final dissertation called ‘Venture Philanthropy: The concept and its application’. He was delighted to be asked to do a piece of work for Impetus Trust – the primary Venture Philanthropy Trust in the UK. He will be working with them to help a North East charity to scale up their activities. He said: “The MBA has helped my career a lot. It has given me the confidence to start my own businesses by developing my ability and working knowledge in a wide variety of business related areas.

"I now feel better equipped and enthusiastic to deal with any task or challenge that comes my way and to seek out new challenges. I have found that it demonstrates to potential clients a personal commitment to the highest standards possible.”

Ravinol has also started a production company called Hoss Productions, which provides consultation and project management for organisations to develop video content for their websites or promotional DVDs. He was inspired by the great success of a short documentary he was commissioned to make a few years ago, which showcased a community mentoring project he had managed. As a result the project became recognised as an example of ‘best practice’ in the field.

As a keen traveller who loves exploring new places (36 countries so far) it is ironic that Ravinol’s time at Aston helped him to discover new places close to home. “Birmingham is a very exciting and vibrant place and although I have lived here for some time, I discovered new places and things to do by going out with members from the MBA group,” he said. “When you have friends who visit your city for the first time, you see the city in a different light and realise there is a lot more to see and do than you were aware of.” He added: “The academic learning was excellent and of course the main focus of the course. It was challenging, stimulating, educational and rewarding. “Having said that, what I personally enjoyed most was the personal interaction with fellow students, new MBA students, members of staff and the sharing of the experience together.”

In his spare time Ravinol likes playing guitar and song writing, Vedic philosophy, making short films and documentaries, presenting (for TV and radio) and has a keen interest in social issues. While at Aston he helped to organise 5-a-side football, get-togethers, city breaks and nights out. “My best memories include the team building residential at the Royal Agricultural College, the lectures and the intensity of the group work. The group trips to Chatsworth House and Rouen in France were a lot of fun and some of us spent a month at a renowned business school in Mexico as part of a cultural learning experience.”

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