Nguyen Thu Ha

Nguyen Thu Ha - Aston Full-time MBA (2006)

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MBA Full-time (Class of 2006)

“I got the news that I had been granted a Chevening Scholarship to study in the UK quite late, so my selection of the MBA programme at Aston Business School was somewhat accidental at the beginning. A few weeks after joining the program, however, I recognised how lucky I had been in my choice of institution.

“At Aston Business School, there is not only a disciplined but also very friendly environment. The course modules are practical and interesting; after every lecture you have the opportunity to look at real business practices through case studies, discussion and presentations."

"Additionally, a lot of seminars and workshops are organized to help students approach and have direct conversations with such understanding academic researchers as Michael Porter, Charles Handy or Gary Hamel, as well as senior directors of big organizations, including IBM and Superdrug.

“Numerous company visits were undertaken during the course. I still remember how excited we were to discover the production lines and operation management of Peugeots automobile makers and of Cadbury, the most prominent chocolate producer in the UK.

“The support staff always listened to me and assisted me whenever I needed any help. Studying was altogether less stressful thanks to interesting subjects, good equipment, superior facilities and nice friends.

“Have you ever had a unique opportunity to study and work with people with different backgrounds and from over 20 different countries in five continents? We worked together day by day and learnt a lot from each other in terms of knowledge, experience and communication. Classmates often gathered in pubs at the weekend to have a glass of beer, meet each other and exchange information about their home countries. Sometimes, different flatmates also organised cooking to promote their cuisines. It was absolutely fascinating to have an end of term party with various kinds of English, French, Vietnamese, Chinese and Mexican food on display.

“My life here in the UK has been very convenient; it often takes just a few minutes to walk to the supermarket and shopping centre. Good transportation links make it easy to travel throughout the country and abroad. A great deal of cultural events including concerts, plays, and festivals are organized regularly in the country. I particularly loved outdoor productions of Shakespeare at the Botanical Garden, Birmingham. It is a valuable cultural heritage that is unique to Britain.

“My time spent studying in the UK has provided me with a profound knowledge of business and a range of crucial skills required for high professional jobs. Those skills consist of team working, creativity and innovation, decision-making, problem solving and analysis, time management and leadership. Experience in working and communicating with people from different backgrounds and with different concepts and nationalities furnished me with more self-confidence to work in the increasingly integrated international market.

“In the future, I plan to work in the UK for a couple of years to get more experience and further enhance my network of relationships. I will then go back to Vietnam and apply what I learnt into the future job. My ambition is to set up a professional business channel to promote trade and investment between the UK and Vietnam.

“If you really want to get advanced knowledge, experience new study methods and enhance your future career opportunities, the UK is entirely the right option for you.”

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