Neal Strange

Neal Strange - Aston Part-time MBA (2002)

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Automotive industry

MBA Part-time (Class of 2002)

“Having spent over seventeen years dealing with the challenges that the Automotive industry could throw my way, I had reached that point where I felt I needed a new personal challenge. One that would give me a new goal to reach, that would give me personal satisfaction, question my own beliefs and that would give me the stretch that I was looking for.

An MBA - even though a daunting task – seemed the most obvious choice. But how do you decide where and when? Today's business managers need to be ambitious, creative, challenging, flexible, innovative, strategic thinkers with internationally recognised qualifications.

The Aston MBA course met all those criteria. But I had to consider all my other commitments: the family, early morning swimming training sessions for my daughter, training as a Six Sigma Black Belt and full time work. So the flexibility of part time study was a key factor.

Aston's structure gives that flexibility in the course material, use of video and DVDs for distance learning and the availability of course lecturers. This was key in ensuring I could maintain some form of work/life balance but still keep on track with my MBA.

No one should embark on an MBA lightly; it requires commitment, dedication, hard work, personal sacrifice and the support of those around you; but the benefits and experience certainly outweigh any hurdles that have to be overcome.

I have become a much more rounded individual because of the MBA. I review business issues in a more strategic manner and am capable of looking at problems from more than one angle. I endeavour to use the skills I obtained everyday, both at work and in my personal life. It has given me a greater level of confidence to tackle day-to-day issues and if I need help I can rely on the support of others that I networked with during the course.

Would I recommend to others considering on embarking on a MBA to go for it? The answer is definitely “yes”. It is a life changing experience and the personal satisfaction of graduating is something that I will never forget (Though I could have done without the 4.00 am swimming training sessions!)”

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