Nabarupa Mukherjee

Nabarupa Mukherjee - Aston Full-time MBA (2006)

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MBA Full-time (Class of 2006)

Graduates from Aston Business School often recommend friends to follow in their footsteps and Nabarupa Mukherjee is no exception.

Nabarupa enjoyed her time at Aston so much, plus the positive effect it had on her career, that three of her friends have followed her recommendation and have started MBA courses. In effect Nabarupa has become an ambassador for Aston!

She studied at Aston in 2005-2006 having previously worked in the petrochemical manufacturing industry in India for five years. Her first degree was in Engineering and Nabarupa excelled and she gained the top place in her year at university.

Nabarupa had come to the conclusion that a higher degree awarded from a first class international business school would widen her career opportunities. So she began to draw up a short list of top schools.

She said: “I heard about Aston Business School from a UK Education fair in India and from one of Aston’s many agents in India.

“My main reasons for finally selecting Aston were that fact that it has a triple recognition and that it ranks so highly in the EIU global MBA ranking. But another important factor was the high employment rate of Aston MBA graduates once they have completed the course.”

Nabarupa’s decision to study at Aston was well thought out, but also quite brave as it would be the first time she had been to Europe. However, she recalls the warm welcome she received.

She said: “For someone from overseas like me, it was very important to make friends. Thanks to Aston I made really good friends in the UK who became best mates.

“Birmingham is a vibrant city and its multiculturalism makes it even more attractive. Aston always seemed to be a friendly place, especially for international students and the various societies and the Student Guild made all the students feel at home.” 

The pleasant and relaxed social atmosphere allowed Nabarupa to concentrate on her studies and she didn’t find her MBA too onerous, partly because of the help and support she said students received from the staff. “It was intensive, but not too difficult as we had help from university friends, professors and my syndicate group,” said Nabarupa.

“The staff were immensely supportive through their personal guidance and at tutorials. I could contact them at any time when I needed to discuss a topic.

“I really enjoyed The Blackboard and the discussions forums were helpful. The important aspect was working in international syndicate groups that enabled me, not only to study together, but also to learn about the various international cultures.”

Her father, who is now retired, worked for Alston Power Boilers as a General Manager in Purchasing and Nabarupa, armed with her MBA, has followed a similar path and now works in Purchasing for Rolls-Royce in Derby in the UK.

She says: “In a way I have switched my career path from engineering to purchasing and I am now planning to take a professional qualification to become a Member of the Chartered Institute of Purchase and Supply.

“But the Aston MBA has given me the opportunity to choose a different area and to change my career and get a good job in the UK.

“I have already recommended Aston to many potential students. In fact, this year three people will be starting at Aston on recommendations from me and I am telling more people about Aston’s MBA programme.”

Nabarupa found that the Aston MBA stretched her and made her think more broadly. She said: “The modules and case studies are designed in such a way that it gives a holistic view of every aspect of business and tells us about key elements that need to be considered.

“It helps in changing the thought process so as to make the correct business decision.”

Nabarupa, aged 29, has recently married and is still in regular contact with the many friends she made in her year at Aston. And, as she points out, some of the friends she made at Aston were studying on other course but have become part of a professional network of contacts.

People with MBAs from world class institutions, such as Aston Business School, are valued by their employers and will always be in demand as Nabarupa is finding out. 

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