Hanae Kurokawa

Hanae Kurokawa - Aston Full-time MBA (2005)

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Human Resources Manager


MBA Full-time (Class of 2005)

Before joining the MBA, Hanae Kurokawa worked for 13 years in the information technology industry in Japan, specialising in the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems) area. Her last position before joining the MBA at Aston was Principal System Consultant, Human Resource Management Systems, Oracle Corporation Japan.

“The main reason I chose Aston is that it has been recognised as one of the best research centres for organisational behaviour in the world. I realised that Aston is the only university that can support having first-class strategic knowledge in the areas of both management in general and human resources. This was important to me as this would expand my future career opportunities.

“Secondly, I considered the diversity of nationalities, gender and ages amongst the
student body. While many full-time MBAs in the UK accept more Asian and young students, Aston assures diversity and support to create synergies in culturally diverse groups. In fact, I was the only Japanese student in the class of 2004/05, and experienced two culturally diverse syndicate groups. In these groups, I learned very precious things, which never can be learned from books. Having such international experience was an extremely important part of the learning experience and I would say it even outweighs the benefits of getting distinctions in exams! In fact, the things I learned through syndicate group work benefited me greatly in my current job at GE.

“Although the experience is difficult to explain in a few words, it was a wonderful experience to study on the Aston MBA and it became one of the high points of my life. The high rankings and excellent reputation of the Aston MBA was also an important factor to me.

“As the full-time MBA course is very busy in general, students are required to practise very efficient time management. During the third term of the Aston MBA, I got seven job offers from international companies that are operating in Japan. Finally, I decided to join GE in Japan as a human resources manager. In the company, I am required to always perform strategically, quickly and efficiently. All the skills and knowledge I learnt on the Aston MBA really help me to perform well in my current position.

“I strongly recommend the Aston MBA for an ambitious person who wishes to be successful in an international business environment.”

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