Godecke Wessel

Godecke Wessel - Aston Full-time MBA (2002)

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Senior consultant

IBM Business Consulting Services

MBA Full-time (Class of 2002)

Godecke Wessel studied the MBA in 2001 and graduated with a distinction. Since leaving Aston his career has progressed at an impressive rate. Today he is employed by IBM Business Consulting Services in a Senior Consultant Role helping firms through Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma efforts.

“My current role as a Senior Consultant at IBM is exactly what I wanted to do. The job employs everything I've studied. Not only in respect of my business and management training, but my industrial engineering degree from the University of Applied Sciences, Wedel.

In my first job after Aston I applied Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to the building of a wide range of electronic components as a Lean Six Sigma Project Leader at ITT Industries. Basically this was an in-house consultancy role. I identified new projects and assessed them, as well as leading projects for process improvements in production and administration. Now I turn this experience into a wide range of companies and industries.

I would not have been considered for the post without my Aston MBA, not only in terms of the skills I acquired but also my grasp of the English language. It is impossible to become fluent in a language taught in a classroom – you need to interact. As I work for an American firm, half my job is in English. As another result of studying in England, I have been able to get published in a journal targeting English-speaking audiences.

The MBA offered a mix of theory and practice which was absolutely spot-on. In Germany courses are more hands-on, but I got a good grounding in theory from Aston that has been invaluable.”

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