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Lan Bi: Marketing Manager - China
Lan Bi - small
'I did lots of research before finally choosing Aston due to its reputation for marketing as well as the cost implications of studying. I had to balance both.'

Ravinol Chambers: Entrepreneur - Ireland
Ravinol Chambers - small
'ABS emphasises the group-learning element of the MBA and this attracted me. I wanted to learn from others and also enjoy the MBA experience and the diversity of knowledge it would bring.'

Nguyen Thu Ha: Trade & Investment - Vietnam
Nguyen Thu Ha - small
'The course modules are practical and interesting; after every lecture you have the opportunity to look at real business practices through case studies, discussion and presentations.'

Keith Holloway: Director of Quality Assurance - UK
keith holloway small
'It was the hardest thing I had ever done, mentally, culturally and emotionally, but I loved every minute of it. The staff were top class and the group work and presentations were great to do.'

Godecke Wessell: Senior Consultant - Germany
Godecke Wessell
'The MBA offered a mix of theory and practice which was absolutely spot-on. In Germany courses are more hands-on, but I got a good grounding in theory from Aston that has been invaluable.'

Hanae Kurokawa: Human Resources Manager - Japan
Hanae Kurokawa - small
'Aston is the only university that can support having first-class strategic knowledge in the areas of both management in general and human resources.'

Donna Lam: Branding Director - Hong Kong
donna lam - small
'I don’t think we could have had the opportunities in the fierce business world to learn and develop as we did at Aston. The course was intensive but I enjoyed it very much.'

Nabarupa Mukherjee: Purchasing Manager - India
Nabarupa Mukherjee - small
'My main reasons for finally selecting Aston were that fact that it has a triple recognition and that it ranks so highly in the EIU global MBA ranking.'

Sergey Novokhatsky: Banking & Communications - Russia
Sergey Novokhatsky - small
'I was recommended to apply to ABS. Aston is being developed very rapidly nowadays and is ranked among the top UK and European business schools.'

Neal Strange: Automotive Industry - UK
Neal Strange - small
'Aston's structure gives flexibility in the course material, use of video and DVDs for distance learning and the availability of course lecturers. This was key to maintain a work/life balance'

Rebecca Wassell: Human Resources Director - UK
Rebecca Wassell - small
'Lots of people do know what an MBA can do for their business and, if it’s from an accredited school, then it carries so much more meaning.'

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