Alumni profiles

Darrell Evans, Managing Director - UK
Darrell Evans
'Doing my MBA was one of the most rewarding times I have ever experienced. I really feel that I would not currently be a member of the Executive Committee of Direct Line Group had I not done my MBA.'
Matt Dolphin, Finance Director - UK
Matt Dolphin
'I have always believed in the need to take responsibility for our own personal development. The Aston MBA built on my finance qualification by broadening my business training.'
Shivani Vaghela, Divisional Director - UK
Shivani Vaghela

"The MBA gave me the confidence to express myself with rigour and back up. I'd just been promoted to Technical Director as I started the course and knew that the knowledge from the MBA would support my new position." 

Stefan Tesche, Global Account Director - Switzerland
Stefan Tesche
"The Aston MBA provided me with the tools I needed to ensure that I was offering all that I could in my sector. My MBA helped me in my career most noticeably in its emphasis on the importance of global team work."
Stephen Bryan: Group Managing Director - UK
Stephen Bryan
'The interaction between the student cohort was inspirational. Each brought different business experiences, many from an international perspective.'

Matthew Hidderley: Business Development Manager - UK
Matthew Hidderley
'I chose Aston Business School because it has an excellent reputation that was accredited and it was personally recommended to me by colleagues.'

Vivian Nwachukwu: International Business - Nigeria
Vivian Nwachukwu
'The experience and insights gained from working in groups from diverse backgrounds and cultures has enabled me to hone my interpersonal skills in an international setting.'

Kieran O’Brien: Company Director - UK
Kieran O’Brien
'I learned a lot due to experienced lecturers with extensive commercial experience and the opportunity to work with and learn from managers from a wide range of cultures.'

Karen Parnell: Product Marketing Director - UK
Karen Parnell
'The course was valuable on many levels from learning new skills to honing existing ones to meeting many and varied people from a diverse range of industries and backgrounds.'

Ehsun Saeed: International Business - Pakistan
Ehsun Saeed
'I chose Aston Business School because it has a great reputation, especially in research.  Its appeal is that Aston is an old university which has an established MBA programme.'

Jason Smith: Marketing Director - UK
Jason Smith
'I threw myself into the MBA choosing modules outside my profession. The degree of choice and quality of material, fellow students and lecturers could not be faulted.'
David Watts: Corporate Development - UK
David Watts
'The insight into the way businesses connect and work. Most employees in my experience have a very narrow view of their world - the MBA gives you the helicopter view.'

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