Women in Leadership

During 2012 Aston Business School will be placing a significant emphasis on women in leadership.  Our aim is to raise awareness of the disparity between the numbers of men in senior leadership positions compared to women.  We will explore some of the issues that women face at senior levels in organisations, and consider what needs to be done in order to achieve equality at the top of our organisations.

Vodcast Series

Through a special vodcast series our aim is to explore some of the major issues facing women in positions of leadership, and how women can overcome barriers. 

The series will focus on three areas in particular:

  • Women in senior management / board room positions

  • Women entrepreneurs

  • Academic research into women and leadership

Through this vodcast series we aim to raise awareness of some of the important issues and start a discussion about what needs to be done differently to achieve parity in the 21st century.  We also aim to inspire our students, to help them achieve their full potential.

View our first vodcast with Cherie Balir and Aston Business School Professor Nigel Driffield.

For more information and to get involved with Aston Business School's work around Women in Leadership please email p.hebron@aston.ac.uk

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Latest Vodcasts

Dr Judith Baxter, Head of English at Aston University talks about the use of language in the boardroom, and the difference between language often used by men and women.

Dr Cinzia Priola, Lecturer in Organisation Studies at ABS talks about her research into women and management and explores some of the reasons why women are far less represented at the top of organisations.

Professor Julia King, Vice Chancellor, Aston University talks about her experience as a leader in the engineering sector.

Debra Blisson MBA, formerly Director of Enterprise and Business Support at Advantage West Midlands talks about her research on female entrepreneurship.

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