Symposium on the future of public administration

Josie Kelly
6 May 2011

A major one-day event on Public Administration will be held at Aston University next week.

This event will bring together specialist academics and practitioners from across the UK to identify ways to address the multiple challenges currently facing the practice of government and public administration in the UK, and beyond.

The event, entitled Public Administration in an Age of Austerity: The Future of the Discipline, is being hosted by the Aston Centre for Europe (ACE) and will take place next Wednesday (May 11).

The keynote speaker will be Professor Rod Rhodes, an internationally-acclaimed figure in the field of public administration.

Rod Rhodes is Professor of Government in the School of Government at the University of Tasmania. He is also a Professorial Fellow in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the Australian National University.

Dr Josie Kelly, a lecturer in Public Policy and Management at Aston Business School, said:
“The age of austerity places extraordinary challenges on the practice of government. The Coalition government is seeking to reduce significantly the size and scope of public services, whilst also reducing the reach of government.  The purpose of this event is for academics and practitioners to try to understand the implications of the new ideological agenda for the users of public services and the practitioners who are expected to manage the new public services.”

Other speakers will include: Dr Martin Lodge from the London School of Economics and UK editor of Public Administration; Richard Parry from Edinburgh University and Dr Rod Dacombe, whose presentation will focus on the governance of the big society: questioning the role of the voluntary sector.

This event is free to attend. To reserve your place contact Dr Josie Kelly at j.t.kelly@aston.ac.uk or Dr Anneliese Dodds at a.dodds@aston.ac.uk

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