Aston offers passport to entrepreneurship

Aston offers passport to entrepreneurship
23 November 2010

We intuitively know that entrepreneurial skills are critical for global success. We’ve been told that UK entrepreneurs will be responsible for securing national economic recovery.

In fact, a NESTA (National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts) report (Measuring Business Growth), co-written by Professor Mark Hart of Aston Business School and greatly referenced by policy makers, shows that a small number of high-growth businesses are responsible for the lion's share of job creation and prosperity. 

To make that small group larger and to assist the growth of the private sector in general, the Centre of Executive Development at Aston Business School has created for business leaders a new and unique business growth programme, Accelerating Entrepreneurial Growth (AEG). This is a programme designed for businesses with growth potential and scalability.

This timely workshop echoes the vision and mission of prominent business men and women who fronted Global Entrepreneurship Week, a world movement of entrepreneurial people, which ended last Friday (Nov 19).

AEG, delivered by entrepreneurship experts, will equip participants to:
  • Grow higher revenues – by identifying new customers, products and services and by developing new approaches to marketing and sales
  • Deliver greater profits – by improving cash management and banking relationships and identifying alternative sources of funds
  • Lead faster results – by better motivating others, creating stronger teams, having more impact
  • Develop clear growth plans – through coaching during the workshop
Cora Lynn Heimer Rathbone, Director of the Centre for Executive Development, said:
“Entrepreneurs are people of courage, individuals who 'make things happen'. Even so, the challenge of growing further and faster is no easy task. We offer through AEG to boost the ability of high growth entrepreneurs, to reignite growth of entrepreneurial enterprises, by focusing like a laser on the factors that deliver faster growth. This is a practical injection of best practice, supported throughout with coaching and follow-up. We aim to ensure that each participant leaves the programme not only with fresh ideas but also with their unique, peer tested business plan to accelerate the growth of their enterprise.”

To register or to find out more about the AEG programme email Maxine Kwofie, Event Manager, m.kwofie@aston.ac.uk or telephone 0121 204 3273

For all media enquiries contact Dhiren Katwa, Press Officer, Aston Business School, on 0121 204 4954 or email d.katwa1@aston.ac.uk

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