Professor Nigel Driffield on the Spending Review

Professor Nigel Driffield
Professor Nigel Driffield
21 October 2010

Now that the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) has been announced, organisations are beginning to realise the impact of the cuts to government departmental spending. 

Professor Nigel Driffield, of Aston Business School, gives his expert opinion on the implications of the Spending Review on the West Midlands region as well as some predictions on the future competitiveness of the UK and the growth of the private sector.

Professor Driffield, Head of the Economics & Strategy Group at Aston Business School, is an expert on foreign direct investment and labour markets. In his interview he considers the impact of the CSR on specific regions, knock on effects of public sector cuts to the private sector, the freezing of research spending and the focus on welfare cuts.

The Spending Review announcement (Wednesday 20 October) outlines the reduction in spending for each government department. However, the impact on specific organisations and services won’t be known until the coming weeks and months ahead.

For further interviews with Professor Nigel Driffield discussing the Spending Review view the Aston Business School YouTube channel.

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