Dr Josie Kelly on the Spending Review

Dr Josie Kelly
Dr Josie Kelly
18 October 2010

As the axe on funding cuts hovers on us, inevitably, the impact is likely to be 'profound' and felt by us all. Dr Josie Kelly from Aston Business School is of the belief that with threats, come opportunities, and gives her expert opinion on the Spending Review, ahead of its launch.

Dr Kelly is a lecturer in Public Policy and Management, who has in the past commented on a range of issues relating to her academic portfolio in local and national media, including BBC Radio Four’s The World Tonight programme. She focuses on the Spending Review from three angles – basic context, implications on local citizens and the wider West Midlands region, also her area of research and how this may be affected.

The Spending Review announcement this Wednesday (20 October) is likely to give a clearer indication of who will be the hardest hit. However, the impact will not be apparent for some weeks, months, even years, according to Dr Kelly. Her main concern is for our future workforce. 

For further interviews with Dr Josie Kelly discussing the Spending Review view the Aston Business School YouTube channel.

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