Innovation Voucher winner on the BBC News

Recent Innovation Voucher winner Angel Paintball Sports has been highlighted by BBC West Midlands through the use of their £3,000 Innovation Voucher. The Innovation Voucher scheme facilitated by Aston Business School awards SMEs within the West Midland area a £3,000 voucher to spend within a West Midlands university on a specific business problem and innovation.

In this case study Angel Paintball Sports used the Innovation Voucher to design a new innovation in hopper technology for paintball guns. Traditional paintball hoppers tend to break the fragile paint balls within the gun. This new idea involves using magnets within the hopper to gently push the balls into the hopper thus significantly reducing the chance of the paintball breaking before being fired. The Innovation Voucher helped to the company take an idea to reality.

West Midlands manufacturing will also benefit as the SME plans to bring back production from China to two West Midlands companies for manufacture of the hopper and internal paintball mechanisms. 

To watch more detail about this Innovation Voucher please see the video below.

For more information about the scheme please visit www.innovationvouchers-wm.com , call 0121 204 3883 or email enquiries@innovationvouchers-wm.com

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