MBA strategic consultancy service now available all year round

Keeping a team at the top of their game can cost a fortune. But when Aston Villa Football Club wanted to boost their sponsorship potential, they made an astute decision to bring in one of this year’s Aston Business School MBA finalists. An ABS MBA worked on valuable research for the club, enabling them to build better relationships with organisations and businesses.

Aston Business School (ABS) has a solid history in linking with organisations who want expert, experienced strategists to help them take their plans forward – all at far less than the cost of your average management consultancy firm. For the last 40 years Aston’s MBAs have been working on real-world issues; through projects which they complete as part of their studies. Recently students have consulted for a range of local and international organisations; such as Jaguar Landrover, BT, Coors Brewers, Cap Gemini and Birmingham Chamber as well local SMEs.

This was available only during the summer, but ABS has recognised that despite signs of recovery, the recession has left many firms and charities now running a ‘tight ship’. With little senior resource to take advantage of ‘green shoots’, plans which are “important” but not “urgent” tend to be put on the back burner.

Now, ABS are launching the NEW Interim Strategic Projects Service where recent MBA graduates can use their augmented expertise (an average of six years’ professional experience prior to their MBA) to help organisations move forward with plans that might otherwise be shelved. The graduates bring the knowledge from their triple-accredited* MBA course to deliver high-level consultancy in areas including business planning, logistics, finance, HR, IT and marketing.

It’s a win-win situation: organisations benefit from a valuable ‘outside view’, bringing in new ideas and methods which could help them grow. Recent graduates get to build on their experience and contacts.

Thomas Richmond of Aston Villa Football Club said, “We are very grateful to Aston Business School and their Interim Strategic Projects Service. With their help, the Club has accessed high quality resource at short notice. Moreover, due to the international nature of the Premier League and the international reach of their students, there are lots of other advantages too”.

If your organisation is interested in working with the Aston Business School Interim Projects Service, please contact Corporate Relations Manager Julie Waddell on 0121 204 4813 or email j.r.waddell@aston.ac.uk

*Aston Business School is in the top 1% of Business Schools in the World, with triple accreditation from the Association of MBAs, EQUIS, and the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Aston Business School is part of Aston University, a top 15 UK University.

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