Interest in Aston Business School boosted by The Apprentice


Record numbers of students are trying to get a place on the degree course completed by The Apprentice contestant Alex Wotherspoon.

One applicant even phoned Aston Business School in Birmingham and mentioned the television show as the reason for her choice.

Applications for the BSc in Management and Strategy (MAS) are up 27 per cent on last year, while the number of students making it their first choice is up by a staggering 150 per cent.

Alex Wotherspoon completed his studies at Aston Business School in 2005, but his continuing involvement in the popular TV show has sparked a growing interest in his former university.

Dr Michael Butler, course director, said: “MAS is one of the oldest and best known undergraduate business degree courses in the UK, with graduates finding top jobs in a variety of organisations."

“Alex symbolises some of the core values of MAS - his entrepreneurial flair to deal with complex situations, achieved with a balance of individual leadership and a team focus.”

Dr Helen Higson, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Pro Vice Chancellor for International Relations, said the course’s surge in popularity only partly due to Alex’s popularity on the TV show.

“We’re very pleased to see such a dramatic rise in the number of applications for this course and particularly pleased that the number of people making it their first choice is up by 150 per cent,” she said.

“While Alex’s adventures on The Apprentice have certainly given course applications a boost in recent weeks, it is also due to the excellent reputation of Aston Business School and the employability of its graduates after they complete their studies.”

She added: “One of our biggest attractions to prospective delegates is the strength of our work placements in offering a huge choice of companies,” she said.

“We have a professional recruitment operation for work placements and we believe we are the best in the business.”

The university offers a choice of 2,500 work placements at 900 companies across the globe – including all FTSE 100 companies. Aston Business School aims to find the right placement for every one of its 500 students per year.

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