HR Health Master Class


Healthcare HR professionals gathering for the NHS Employers Conference next week (4-6 Nov) will learn from Aston Business School how to shape effective work communities.

Professor Michael West, Research Director and Professor of Organisational Psychology at the School will deliver a master class as part of the Conference's focus on fundamentals. He said: "Having an effective HR strategy is important, but developing culture and values are essential for longer term workplace effectiveness."

Entitled 'Good HR is good business' the session is based on recent research and will enable delegates to apply the knowledge base of successful interventions to their own workplace and implement effective changes.

Research conducted by the school found that for HR to be truly effective, it must be more than just a set of strategies and practices.

Professor West said: "Good HR is good business will include practical tips and research evidence to validate its approaches. It will draw on lessons from a range of sectors and the experience of Aston Business School's considerable work with healthcare organisations."

Aston Business School has a long history of working in healthcare and is home to the Institute of Health Services Effectiveness (IHSE). The institute studies how healthcare can best be delivered by effective workforce organisation and management of staff. Members of IHSE have a strong publication record, including many papers either specific to healthcare, or based on research conducted in healthcare settings. Its findings are promoted to the wider healthcare community.

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