Business Students Get TV Tips


Students at Aston Business School were given a first hand insight into broadcast journalism, when ITV News presenter Llewela Bailey spoke to them about the best way to come across well in media interviews. The group is studying to become occupational psychologists, and this interactive lecture was an exploration of ‘contemporary issues’ that could affect them in the workplace in the future and included live on-camera interviews.

Dr Patrick Tissington, himself a psychologist and regular media commentator teaches the group. He said “Effective communication is a vital skill for a psychologist and some of this group will undoubtedly go on to positions that will call for public comment. Learning at this stage that unless you’re a politician or have done something wrong, media interviewers are grateful for input are very unlikely to try to trip you up, or make you look foolish.

Llewela offered some tips that will stand any of the group in good stead should they find themselves in front of a camera, microphone or even a journalists’ notebook.”

Llewela Bailey said “The opinion of a psychologist can provide an interesting insight for viewers, whether a story is good news, or bad. As news broadcasters, we aim to inform and explain, and anyone who is in a position to add something interesting to a story is usually very welcome.

I’m happy to pass on the benefit of my experience to the group.”

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