Aston Business School make ready at the heart of European emergencies


Emergency evacuations across Europe could be transformed by academics at Aston Business School in Birmingham.

The School has won a £0.5 million award, co-financed by the European Commission (Directorate-General Justice, Freedom and Security), to produce a ‘preparedness toolkit’ for mass evacuations in the event of a major catestrophic incident.

The project, which has been code named ERGO (Evacuation Responsiveness by Government Organisations), identifies and transfers good practice which will support the planning and preparation for mass evacuations that can be implemented Europe-wide.

Dr Duncan Shaw is the Principal Investigator with overall management of the project. He said “The project will create a central knowledge repository for preparedness of the public and Emergency Management Agencies (EMAs) to mass evacuate, and initiates EU-wide collaboration across EMAs, for example security, rescue and health services.

“Obviously it is not feasible to create an emergency in order to judge the response, so this research will address areas of modelling to predict optimal public response, as well as achieving public preparedness, and of course we have to factor in variations by country.

The project runs for 3 years starting now and will involve several workshops/conferences for government representatives at Aston, which will bring not only revenue into the business school, but also to the city.

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