Outgoing Exchange Students (Postgraduate)

International Study Exchange Opportunities

Aston Business School aims to prepare you for life in the globalised business environment.  We have forged strong links with high quality business schools worldwide, enabling us to provide our students with rewarding international study opportunities. 

For MBA students, term 3 study abroad will provide academic credits towards your degree.

While these programmes to not provide credits towards the Aston MSc degree, the experience of living and working in another culture is of great value to future employers – and to you!

Study abroad

There are currently four ‘study abroad’ options.  Two are available at the end of your one-year degree:  

Option 1

Term 3 / end of course Study Abroad Programme

Option 2
Cultural Studies Summer Programme  

Option 3
Double Degree
, is available once your studies at Aston are fully completed.  This gives you the chance to gain a second Master degree from one of our partner institutions by spending an additional year with them.

Option 4
Summer School: Psychology of Entrepreneurship 
This unique 2 week programme is for Masters and PhD students with keen interest in psychology, business management, public administration and entrepreneurship.
This is an Erasmus funded programme and there are 4 spaces available for Aston University students, including from the other Academic Schools.

 All Study Abroad programmes are taught in English and are exempt from tuition fees.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research