International & Multicultural Strategy

Aston Business School’s international and multicultural strategy derives from its Mission 'to undertake rigorous research that answers the major questions facing business leaders, policy makers and practitioners nationally and internationally' and 'to provide inspirational and life-long learning'.

The specific strategy for achieving the mission involves the following aspects:

  • Maintaining and celebrating a wide international and multicultural mix of the faculty, staff and student body
  • Continually widening the international and multicultural elements of all taught programmes
  • Continuing to make central to the School the international nature and scope of research; placing emphasis on cross national comparative studies and working in international networks
  • Promoting of international excellence in the School’s research
  • Extending partnerships to support the new international programmes and initiatives and deepening selected partnerships to facilitate development of specific collaborative activities
  • Promoting the employability of all students in an inspirational way in order to enhance their global mobility
  • Raising students’ awareness and proficiency in working across cultural boundaries, building understanding of the benefits of diversity in creating excellence and effectiveness
  • Maintaining and celebrating our relationships with international alumni through frequent contact, support and sustained commitment to them.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research