Modules for Teaching Period 1 Students

Students coming to study at Aston for Teaching Period 1 only are required to take 30 ECTS credits, which is the equivalent of the modules studied by our Undergraduate students.

Examinations are held at the end of each Teaching Period. Students are expected to be at Aston during the examination period. Transcripts will be sent directly in the post to home institutions for collection by students, after marks have been confirmed by the relevant Examination Board. Electronic copies will also be emailed to home institutions.

Most of the modules available to TP1 students run from September to January, but some run over the whole academic year. In the case of these modules, a special assessment will be set for exchange students who are here for Teaching Period 1 only, examining the first half of the module. These modules are indicated by a "1&2" in the TP column. Please note that the assessment may differ to the that on the module specification.  Students will be notified of the assessment they will be taking in October 2017.

All modules with the exception of those begining with 'LK' are worth 5 ECTS credits to students coming for Teaching Period 1 only, regardless of the length of the module. You will need to choose 6 modules in total.

Please note: credits associated with modules in this section refer to the number of European Credit Transfer system (ECTS) credits that will be awarded to students on passing each module. Although partners use the ECTS credit rating to work out the workload of their students at Aston, they should NOT use ECTS grades. The Aston local results are far more representative.


The 2017/18 modules for the Exchange programme are now advertised below.

Subject areas for each module are as follows: 

BF    Finance or Accounting                                   BM    Marketing

BH    Work and Organisational Psychology            BN    Operations & Information Management

BL     Law                                                                BS    Economics and Strategy

LK     Business and Government/Sociology

Modules beginning with the number 2 ie. BF2210, BH2212 are taught to Aston Business School Second Year students.  If you are in your Final Year of study, you may have already covered some of the topics within these modules.

Modules beginning with the number 3 ie. BF3300, BH3393 are taught to Aston Business School Final Year students.  If you have only completed one year of your current degree programme, you may not have sufficient background knowledge to take these modules.  Please ensure that you check the module specifications in order to decide if the module is suitable.

Students can only take one Business & Government or Sociology module (module codes start with LK) in each teaching period. Please note that these modules (along with module BL1128 Law for Business) are worth 7.5 ECTS credits. Therefore, agreement from your home institution to take more than 30 ECTS credits must be obtained prior to selection of these modules. Please also note that the teaching period in which each of the modules beginning with 'LK' will run in 2017/8 is currently subject to change.  

Some of the modules below will have pre-requisite requirements which you may not be able to take at Aston University.  If this is the case and you believe that you have the requirements necessary to take  the module, you may select it. Please remember the onus is on each student to ensure that they have the background knowledge.  If you require further information on a module, please contact the Module Leader directly (their contact details will be in the module specification.) 

BF 2244 Strategic Finance                 
students taking this module cannot take BF3351
5 1
BF 3314 Derivatives             5 1
BF  3349 Financial Analysis
BF 3351 Principles of Finance            
students taking this module cannot take BF2244
5 1
BF 3358 Investments  5 1
BF 3394 Auditing and Professional Ethics               5 1
BH 2212 Theories and Practice of HRM  5 1&2
BH 2239 Psychology and Work  1&2
BH 2287 Developing Creativity at Work             5 1
BH 2296 Strategy for Future Leaders              5 1&2
BH 3303 Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management             5 1&2
BH 3308 Employee Relations and Legal Issues in HRM             5 1&2
BH 3319 Theory and Practice of Leadership  5 1&2
BH 3392 Learning, Training and Development in Organisations                        
some experience of work in an organisation is useful for the assignment for this module
5 1
BH 3393 Global Working             5 1
BL 1128 Law for Business  7.5 1 or 2
BL  2205  Intellectual Property Law 
students must take BL1128 or have passed equivalent module at home institution 
BL 2279 Principles of Corporate Law
students must take BL1128 or have passed equivalent module at home institution
5 1
BL 3317 Principles of Employment Law 1
students must take BL1128 or have passed equivalent module at home institution
5 1

BL 3363  Professional Conduct and Ethics  5
Introduction to Market Research 
BM 2249  Principles of Services Marketing 
BM  2257 Marketing
students taking this module cannot take BM1134 
BM 2258 Consumer Behaviour
students taking this module cannot take BM3345 
5 1
BM 2275 Business to Business Marketing and Relationship Management  5 1&2
BM 3341 Retailing Management 5 1
BM 3375 Advanced Marketing Research 5 1
BN 2201 Data Analysis & Modelling for Management             5 1
BN 2216 Operations Management             5 1
BN 2228 Systems Analysis             5 1
BN 2237 Databases  5 1
BN 2285 Doing e-Business             5 1
BN 2290 Operational Research Techniques 1  5 1
BN  2292  Dashboards and Spreadsheets 
BN  3318  Operations Strategy: Systems and Implementation  1&2 
BN 3372 Supply Chain Management             5 1&2
BN 3373 Data Envelopment Analysis             5 1
BN  3385  Effective Project Delivery   1&2
BN 3386 Knowledge at Work                                
students taking this module MUST have work placement/experience
5 1
BS 2232 Business Policy 5 1
BS 2240 Business Economics 5 1
BS 2242 Principles of Microeconomics 5 1
BS 2247 Introduction to Econometrics 1 5 1
BS 2261 Emerging and Transitional Economies 5 1
BS 3325 Competition Policy - Theory 5 1
BS 3332 Economics of Multinational Enterprise 5 1
BS 3335 Strategic Decision Making 5 1&2
BS 3336 Applied Econometrics and Forecasting  5 1
Economics of Entrepreneurship
BS 3355 Innovation 5 1&2
BS 3365 Macroeconomic Policy 5 1
LK  2020  Global Society  7.5 
LK  2023  Welfare States and Welfare Change  7.5 
LK  3025  Health Policy  7.5