Students attending for the whole academic year

Students who attend for the whole academic year are guaranteed on-campus accommodation as long as they apply by the deadline, which you can check online. Once they have received their Student University Number (SUN), which will be sent by email and post, students can apply on-line for accommodation through the Residential Services website.
Please note that it is not possible for Residential Services to guarantee a particular block or type of residence, as places are subject to availability.

Students attending for one Teaching Period only

On-Campus Accommodation

For 2013/4 intake of Undergraduate Exchange students, we have been able to reserve 28 on-campus rooms for first and second teaching period only students (available on a first come first served basis.)  If you are a first or second teaching period only student, please contact Hazel Awty at h.awty@aston.ac.uk for more information on the rooms available and how to apply.

If you are not one of the first 28 first or second teaching period only students to apply for on-campus accommodation, it may still to be possible to accommodate you so you may still wish to apply.  However, please note that we cannot guarantee this and that you should look for private accommodation as well.

Off Campus Accommodation

Although those coming for one teaching period are free to apply for a room on campus, you should not rely on getting a place, and you should look for private accommodation as well. As you may already have seen elsewhere on our website, Aston University provides help with finding private accommodation:

For students who want to obtain a short-term private let, Aston University’s Student Guild’s Advice and Representation Centre (ARC) are available for guidance when choosing private accommodation and they run their own website which is full of help and advice when choosing somewhere to live. ARC can offer you great advice from staff and students with a lot of experience in finding private, University-approved, accommodation. A lot of exchange (and full-time) students use this service, as they only list properties from university-trusted landlords. This website can be found at the following link: www.astonstudentpad.co.uk

There are four private companies who offer en-suite purpose-built accommodation to students: Mainstay, Unite, Opal and Derwent Living. Details of their accommodation can be found at http://www.astonguild.org.uk/advice, following links to housing list and advice. This option may not be available to students who come for less than one year.

For privately rented accommodation, the average rent per week per room will vary from approximately £45 per week to £90 per week (shared accommodation). Students who will be accompanied by dependants are welcome to contact the Advice and Representation Centre for advice (arc@aston.ac.uk

Using Agencies

If you look outside StudentPad for accommodation, please be careful which accommodation agencies you use in your search.  It is against the Law in the UK and Wales for an accommodation agency to take fees in advance from prospective tenants in return for details of properties.  Further information on what an accommodation agency can and cannot charge for can be found on the Citizens Advice Bureau website:  Citizens Advice - Accommodation Agencies

Short-term lets

Most accommodation contracts are for at least a full academic year, and many landlords/agencies are unwilling to take tenants for less than this. There are some, however, who are prepared to take short-terms lets, eg from exchange students, so ARC have compiled a list of properties to help you get started. You can download this list by clicking here: LANDLORDS WILLING TO OFFER SHORT TERM LETS.

On the homepage of www.astonstudentpad.co.uk there is an option to “Search by agent/landlord name...” or to “Search by property reference...”. I would suggest using this route to find whether or not the landlords/properties on the list are still available.

Please remember that the University cannot recommend off-campus accommodation properties, but provides this list to help guide your search with the information available to staff at ARC. 

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research