Welcome to the nomination page for Aston Business School  postgraduate programme. Please fill out all required sections within the nomination form below.

Once you have completed & submitted the form, you should receive a confirmation email provided that your email address is entered correctly.

If you are experiencing problems with the form - please email abspg-ieoffice@aston.ac.uk explaining the problem.


The nomination deadline for the fall term will be 1st June 2015 and the application deadline will be 15 July 2015 for double degree and Term 1 exchange students. TOEFL, IELTS and final academic results  will normally have to be received by the application deadline.

The nomination deadline for exchange students joining us in Term 2 (Spring Term) and Term 3 (Summer Term – MBA Programme only) will be 16 October 2015 and Application deadline will be 30 October 2015. 

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Incoming Exchange Nomination Form