Areas we lead in


In addition to the full portfolio of business tools, frameworks and models, Aston Business School leads the thinking on:

CED - Areas we lead in

High Performance Teams

  • Factors that contribute towards high performing, creative and innovative  teams
  • Team Leadership – value-based driven leadership
  • HR systems that underpin high performance working environments
  • Brand Management – promises to reality as a cornerstone of high performing teams.


  • Strategic alliances - as a critical success factor for the development of multinationals
  • The practice of strategy in dynamic contexts.

Change Management

  • Structuring of major change initiatives – particularly in highly ambiguous environments
  • Human reactions and how to manage those in the context of change.

Project Management

  • Eight project management competencies: individual and team profiling
  • The practice of structured projects and their communication plans.

Finance: Alternative Perspectives

  • Foreign Investment, a cornerstone of  internationalisation: “who”, “what”, “where” & “why”
  • Islamic Finance: doing business in Islamic contexts.

Decision Making

  • Frameworks for decision-making in highly complex, ambiguous situations.

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