Ready for Change?

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Our latest publication "Ready for Change?" is aimed at managers and executives seeking further insight into how to better drive change at the micro and macro level. It provides guidance in understanding the factors within different business disciplines that enable and disable lasting change through examples of good practice and 'not so good' practice within real organisations.

Take a brisk walk through some of the latest thinking on what makes an organisation ready for change – of the sort that comes from within or without. This compendium brings you
  • Two capabilities that drive innovation, 
  • Five factors that build receptivity for change, 
  • Two forces that fuel entrepreneurial growth, 
  • Six actions for collating collective intelligence, 
  • Seven steps for collaborative decision-making, 
  • Eight characteristics of high-performance change-driving teams, 
  • Seven enablers of change-sustaining leader-follower relationships, 
  • Five principles to accelerate culturally-nuanced change, 
  • Four strategies for change-enabling external strategic relationships, 
  • Five questions that underpin change-ushering marketing, 
  • Two rationales for change-empowering inward investment and 
  • Eight steps for projectizing desired change. 
At a time when resilience and flexibility pulsate as key survival characteristics, when adaptability, responsiveness and innovation stand out as behaviours that are critical for sustainable success, Aston Business School offers fresh insights to hardwire organisations for change. Download a sample chapter here.

Published by Palgrave Macmillan 20th April 2012 at £26.00 Hardback. Order your copy today! 


''Our mission at EON is to lead the way to a future of energy security, reduced carbon emissions and fair prices. This requires bold decisions in an increasingly uncertain and ambiguous world. I welcome this fresh thinking from Aston Business School on how to better navigate choppy waters to create game-change."
Dr Paul Golby, CEO and Chairman of EON UK

"Change requires determination, continuity and, most of all, time. It is a process of transformation that takes place progressively and innovatively. In that context, this collection on 'readiness for change' from Aston Business School makes interesting contributions."
David Arnéra, Group Management Development Director
, L'Oréal

"Since our launch in 1999, Carillion has continuously evolved to remain competitive. This stream of thinking from Aston Business School will be a valuable resource to ensure our leaders of the future stay ahead of the curve by creating and managing change."
Maureen Tompsett, Head of Career Development, Group HR, Carillion plc

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