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The Finance workshop gave me a real world view of finance, broke down a lot of concepts to give me the confidence to participate and contribute to areas of our business I previously steered clear of. Nigel Attwood, Sales & Marketing Manager, H&R Chempharm (UK) Ltd


With the Aston Professional Managers' Award, you can accelerate your career, while delivering measurable impact in your organisation from day one.

The programme gives you an understanding of the concepts and fundamental principles in key management disciplines- strategy, operations, finance, people management, project management and marketing - that you need to move forward in your career. Crucially, you will also learn how to apply these principles to improve decision-making within your organisation.

Who is it for?

The Aston Professional Managers' Award has been specifically tailored to meet the needs of managers or young professionals:

  • You may need to develop a greater understanding of other business functions, in order to be more effective in your existing management role, and progress to more senior positions.
  • Or you may have a few years’ business experience and be looking to take the next step into management.

The programme will prepare you for future leadership positions with an emphasis on making difficult decisions and dealing with cross-functional issues.

The Aston Experience

As a member of the Aston community, you will benefit from our proven heritage of over thirty years’ successful professional management development delivered to thousands of individuals from hundreds of organisations of all sizes and all sectors.

The trainers have been chosen for their real-world, commercial experience and represent a wide international background, with a broad range of management expertise and cultural knowledge.  They are able to share insights based on practical research and applicable strategic thinking. 

The programme gives you the opportunity to step outside your day to day routines, to move out of your comfort zone and deliver impact back into your organisation. 

We hope that the positive impact you receive from the programme will be the start of a long-term beneficial relationship with Aston Business School - something we believe is an integral and important aspect of the Aston Professional Managers' Award.

"I very much enjoyed the course and my time at Aston.  A great group of people on the course, delivering the programmes, and the venue too; great campus, accommodation and easy links to the city centre and London."
Andy Thompson, Senior Investment Manager, Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade).

"I’ve certainly taken a lot out of the Professional Managers’ Award.  It has helped me to view issues differently and changed my approach to dealing with them."
Thomas Cripps, Business Improvement Manager, Hochtief (UK) Construction Ltd.

"I was very pleased with the course delivery, and the interaction with fellow attendees - as well as your facilities (as you know I spend much of my time visiting business schools so am able to benchmark pretty well!)"
James Barker, Market Development Manager (Europe), Graduate Management Admission Council.

Benefits to you

The Aston Professional Managers' Award will enable you to:
  • Develop your understanding of key management disciplines, and equip yourself for future leadership positions.
  • Add real measurable value to your company's performance through greater knowledge of the commercial, strategic, operational and people issues facing organisations.
  • Learn and debate with the experts and with industry peers, and develop your business networks.
On completion of the programme, you will join Aston Business School's global alumni network of 15,000 business contacts, and a local business community who meet regularly for speaker events and networking opportunities.

Benefits to your organisation

The Aston Professional Managers' Award will also benefit your organisation:

  • By developing key management and leadership decision tools and skills, you will be able to analyse your company's resources, external environment, and competition.
  • The key project management skills you will develop will deliver real client value.
  • You will broaden your skills and knowledge base ready to take on new challenges and progress within the organisation.

Programme Structure

The programme lasts twelve months and consists of six face to face modules of two days each, delivered at Aston Business School.  This allows you to become fully immersed in each module, while fitting easily around your professional and personal life.

The face to face modules are supported by a Learning Journal and an Impact / Implementation webinar, hosted around six weeks after each module.

Your Learning Journal - issued at the start of the module – will then enable you to capture your own key learning points and specific issues that will affect implementation back in you organisation.

You will use these insights after each module to enable you to gauge your immediate development requirements, and to create a plan of action over the first few weeks back in the workplace. You will be able to share the Learning Journal with us, and an Impact webinar will be tailored to the key issues identified, scheduled around six weeks after the module and hosted by the module trainer.

The webinar will support you in applying the new knowledge that is relevant to you, your role and to your organisation.  The ongoing transfer of learning gained in the webinar will be applied to your own professional context, and will enable results and issues to be discussed ahead of the next module.

Module Dates





4th-5th October 2018

Webinar:1st November 2018

Finance - interpreting financial data to make more effective decisions

Matt Davies


26th-27th November 2018

Webinar: 17th Dec 2018

Business Strategy - out-thinking your competitors

Dr Stathis Tapinos


17th-18th January 2019

Webinar: 8th February 2019

Operations Management - a process perspective.

Dr Dan Chicksand


4th-5th March 2019

Webinar: 25th March 2019

People Management - how to manage yourself and engage others

Professor Pawan Budhwar


13th-14th May 2019

Webinar: 28th May 2019

Marketing Matters for Business Success


Chris Richardson


24th-25th June 2019

Webinar: 15th July 2019

Project Management - delivering successful projects for successful outcomes Dr Breno Nunes


Programme modules

Finance - interpreting financial data to make more effective decisions (Matt Davies)

  • Gain a broad understanding of financial and accounting principles.
  • Use the right tools to aid effective decision making.
  • Be able to talk finance with confidence.

Business Strategy - out-thinking your competitors (Dr Anna Grosman)

  • Examine issues of strategic significance in the global marketplace and make better business decisions.
  • Intelligently analyse an organisation's resources and capabilities.
  • Create value.

Operations Management - a process perspective (Dr Daniel Chicksand)    

  • Understand and manage all aspects of an organisation's operations        
  • Discover how current operations management models can deliver competitive advantage in your organisation.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by developing products and processes which add value for the end consumer.

People Management - how to manage yourself and engage others (Professor Pawan Budhwar)

  • Increase your performance and that of your team(s) with enhanced leadership skills.
  • Understand the relationship between business strategy and different strategic HR management strategies.
  • Deliver improved employee engagement, leadership, culture change and organisational performance.

Project Management - delivering successful projects for successful outcomes (Dr Breno Nunes)

  • Push a project to the fullest of its potential, creating value that not just meets but surpasses expectations.
  • Create and manage effective project teams who deliver.
  • Increase client satisfaction with projects that meet desired outcomes on time, in budget and to the desired quality.

Marketing - why it matters for business success (Chris Richardson)

  • Understand what marketing is and how effective marketing increases competitive advantage.
  • Recall a working knowledge of marketing, its theories and frameworks and relate these to your workplace.
  • Have a more acute appreciation of the marketing concept and work more effectively with marketing departments.
  • Utilize your greater awareness of work behaviours that can facilitate the application of marketing knowledge and techniques to maximize the effectiveness of marketing activity.

Programme fees

£2,995 per person.

Fee includes six two-day modules at Aston Business School, associated webinars, all programme materials, daytime refreshments and lunch. 

Accommodation is available on-site through our Conference Aston facilities.

For information regarding our payment terms, cancellation, transfer and substitution policies and fees, please request our terms and conditions.    

To earn the Professional Managers' Award, participants are expected to attend the full programme.

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