Accelerating Entrepreneurial Growth programme details


Within this module you will explore innovative ways to expand customer markets, whilst retaining the loyalty of current customers and attracting new ones.

 Key Objectives

  • Analysis of both your internal and external environment
  • The creation and selection of strategic options that give you a competitive advantage
  • Exploration of different methods of business development
  • Identification of the most important factors that can affect entrepreneurial growth and discuss the characteristics of successful firms
  • Exploration of deeper market factors and conducting research to support and validate your business plan
  • Creation of a potent marketing mix to position the business effectively.

Finance & Performance

Within this module you will look at ways systematize your core business processes to be more efficient and cost effective.

Key Objectives

  • Understanding and using financial information and relevant concepts
  • Ways to effectively manage your cash flow
  • Interpretation of financial information using key financial ratios
  • Application of the ground rules for managing the enterprise-banking relationship
  • Exploring sources of finance and funding initiatives available to growth-oriented small firms
  • Creating and using the balanced score card as a tool for performance management
  • Selection and use of tools for managing functional performance
  • Establishing a comprehensive control system in the business that addresses the needs of stakeholders .

Leadership & People

Within this module we will consider your personal leadership style and how to create a shared vision and set goals that are owned across the business.

Key Objectives

  • Providing a framework of how entrepreneurs can increase employee motivation, job satisfaction and performance
  • Establishing mechanisms to develop your own leadership skills
  • Presenting models for creating and leading effective teams
  • Introducing factors that are conducive to creating a positive organisational climate and change for high performance
  • Offering feedback on how to improve your individual ability to influence, persuade and motivate significant other.

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