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Networked Learning CED

We start with your needs and add our networked learning capability 

We start with your needs and add our networked learning capability to put you and your people at the heart of the development process.

Networked learning aims to connect participants to specialists and information sources, and encourages knowledge sharing that supports collaboration, innovation and higher perfomance.

We deploy a customised blend of learning solutions in our programmes, that support and facilitate reflective and collaborative mindsets.

We aim to improve application of learning, and encourage higher performance and greater business impact.

Meeting your performance needs

By focussing on your organisation’s performance needs to guide our approach, and we create timely, responsive and innovative solutions, based on tried and tested principles.

Every solution we deploy will be aligned to the objectives of your organisation and your participants, to deliver the desired impact agreed in the programme design. 

Discover how our solutions deliver the following direct benefits to your organisation.

Multimedia content

Sharing business insights with the people in your organisation via a range of digital materials can help foster a better common understanding of the strategic vision.

Take advantage of our comprehensive range of multimedia resources available on the Aston Business School web site, or communicate aspects of your organisation’s vision in innovative ways. 

We can help you to create your own digital information, distribute it throughout your organisation, and use it to support informal learning and performance improvements in the workplace.

Flexible learning: anywhere, anytime

Participants on our programmes benefit from continuous on-demand access to digital information, virtual tools and support, when and where they need them. 

We can support learning in any internet-enabled location worldwide, at any time of day.

We exploit the features offered by digital communications systems to build a customised set of tools that together create a ‘performance cloud’ solution for your organisation’s development and performance needs.

So participants can get what they need at the very time that they need it, right at the heart of the workflow.

Support for learning from experts

To ensure that your people feel fully empowered to apply their learning, we offer online coaching and mentoring support via a range of channels throughout the programme.

We support our participants during the pre-programme phase, in-programme and beyond programme completion with systems that enable us to offer scheduled coaching sessions by phone, video conference or web meeting, whichever is most appropriate. 

We can also support in-company mentoring schemes using similar tools and expertise.

Rapid development of high impact content 

Participants develop through active interaction with peers, sponsors and thought leaders, leading to increased competency, capability and confidence. 

Our high impact e-learning modules are designed and delivered with this in mind. 

We use rapid e-learning development tools to create effective, action-centred packages designed to focus faculty expertise on your requirements.

Activity-centred assignments based on customised business information put participants in control, encouraging immediate application and performance improvements in the work place. 

Virtual tools for reflection and online assessment 

Participants’ motivation to apply learning is driven by a desire to achieve specific individual and organisational goals. 

Reflective practice, self-assessment and regular expert feedback on progress help to inspire and maintain this motivation.

We offer a variety of assessment options, ranging from formal accredited certification using our virtual learning environment, to pre-programme online self-assessment tools. 

Our online tools act as a supplement to our face to face activities, and our aim is always to engage participants in taking ownership of their development opportunities, building their motivation to apply learning in the immediate environment of the workplace.

Thought leadership in a virtual form 

Interactive engagement with online thought leadership resources builds participants’ confidence to apply new skills and increase their performance.

Aston’s faculty and research capability is world class and has been designed to be of immediate relevance to businesses.  

Our programmes channel these strengths using state of the art technology. 

Your participants will benefit from flexible online access to high quality journal articles and mission critical information from the leading business databases with Aston’s e-Library facilities.

Participants can catch up with faculty master classes and workshops in their own time online by using our Aston Replay lecture cast system, allowing them to view the presenter, the presentation slides and the detailed notes all on one screen. 

Bespoke online materials 

Digital learning packages designed and configured to meet specific client goals. 

Participants can connect to our integrated range of networked services through a pathway: your own branded portal, customised to meet the requirements of your programme. 

Pre-programme questionnaires, accommodation booking facilities and the full range of programme materials are all available from the portal web pages. 

This pathway makes it easy for participants to navigate the materials they need and access any support required, meaning that they can focus their energies on performance improvements.

Increasing participant numbers with virtual learning 

Nuggets of information provide easy to digest bite-sized performance activities alongside tools that more efficiently engage higher numbers of participants than face to face sessions. 

Participants can benefit from short, bite-sized nuggets of knowledge from members of our faculty team, delivered as short video or audio presentations for a wide range of topic areas. 

For use during pre- or post-programme preparation and revision, these nuggets are effective tools that support increased performance in the workplace. 

Larger groups of participants situated globally in different time zones can enjoy online virtual classroom facilities, in which they can learn from and interact with faculty members in a live and stimulating environment.

Knowledge sharing and collaboration in communities of practice 

Strengthen collaboration, knowledge sharing and team effectiveness.

Participants can take ownership of their knowledge, learning and development in their journey to improved performance.  

We encourage participants to create their own Personal Knowledge Networks (PKN) through the use of online discussion and communities of practice. 

We use forum and community tools that embed these desirable activities into the programme, leading to enhanced performance in areas such as knowledge sharing and collaboration.

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