Springboard Programme

Supporting the transition of Officers into a non-military career

Understanding business organisations, their environment, their strategy and operations, and their structure and culture is crucial for Service Leavers to maximise the skills and expertise they bring to new roles in the business world. The Springboard Programme is an essential foundation for successful transition to commercial life.

Martin Field from the Centre for Execuitve Development at Aston Business School introduces the Springboard Programme.

What is the Springboard Programme?

This programme supports the transition of Officers leaving service for a non-military career. It provides participants with a solid grounding in the core disciplines required to successfully operate in business today, so that when they enter commercial organisations, they are well equipped, familiar with and confident to operate in the ways of 21st century businesses.

Who is the programme for?

The Programme is designed for Service Leavers from the ranks of Major, Lieutenant Commander and Squadron Leader or above.  It caters for individuals looking to enter the commercial business world whether as an employee or as an entrepreneur.  It covers all types of organisations from corporates to SMEs and ‘not for profit’ organisations.

What will I gain from the programme?

The programme will:
  • Developing your competency in core business disciplines
  • Familiarising you with the language, culture and challenges of the modern business world
  • Developing your commercial acumen to navigate through a non-military environment
  • Raising your credibility and confidence to transition to a new career.

Programme delivery

This is a 12 day programme run over two and a half weeks at Aston Business School.  It includes a project assignment and successful completion leads to an award of a Certificate in Management from Aston University.  The Programme consists of five modules delivered 0900-1700 over 12 consecutive week days, with evenings and the week-end for study, review and project work.

The Programme covers the following modules:
Devoted to focusing on what will practically help participants operate credibly and successfully in the commercial world, the programme will be conducted in a highly interactive manner, including open plenaries, small-group discussion, one-to-one sessions, simulations and group exercises.

Aston is a registered Preferred Supplier of The Career Transition Partnership and is an approved ELC Learning provider.
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Tanya Lomas, Senior Events Manager, t.lomas@aston.ac.uk

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