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Aston Business School, one of Europe’s leading Business Schools, is pleased to present the Aston Revitalise Programme.

The business world is one of continual change and current research and practice must evolve to meet new challenges.  Thought leadership  in the Aston MBA has developed accordingly, informed by our internationally renowned research.

In this fast changing competitive landscape, executives need to continually refresh their knowledge and skills so as to remain ‘ahead of the game’.

What is the Aston Revitalise Programme?

A suite of 2 day modules on core areas within the Aston MBA syllabus,  seeking to refresh and update executives with the knowledge and latest tools, techniques and models required to successfully face the challenges of today’s business world.

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Participants can select individual modules or any combination of the 5.  We are currently developing the Aston Revitalise modules and will keep you informed about emerging content.

Who is the programme for?

Aston Alumni and Senior and Middle Managers new to Aston, including non-MBAs.  Managers / executives who want to familiarise themselves with current thinking about running an organisation in today’s business world and who wish to develop new perspectives on their business leadership.

What will I gain from the programme?

Participants will:
  • Access leading edge thinking that will have a direct applicability to the challenges they face in today’s business world
  • Discover tools and new concepts that enable them to drive their business ahead
  • Meet and discuss common issues with fellow executives from other organisations and diverse sectors
  • Make the most of time-out to step back from the day to day pressures of business and challenge the underlying assumptions of what they are doing
  • Be equipped with new knowledge and confidence to lead and manage in a fast moving and complex business environment
  • Gain the opportunity to learn new skills and refresh previous ones
  • Invest in their own professional development.

Programme Modules


Tanya Lomas, Senior Events Manager, t.lomas@aston.ac.uk

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