Accelerating Entrepreneurial Growth Programme

Accelerating Entrepreneurial Growth programme (AEG)

Success in the 21st century demands innovative products and breakthrough services that create new consumer experiences.
Successful entrepreneurs are those who identify and capitalise on new business opportunities in continuously developing markets.

What is the Accelerating Entrepreneurial Growth programme?

The Accelerating Entrepreneurial Growth programme (AEG) is a pragmatic modular programme. Consisting of three modules, it is designed to sharpen business leaders’ entrepreneurial skills in three key areas: identifying and winning new customers, improving profitability and making it happen through people.

During the programme, participants will be coached and work in triads to support each other in the immediate application of presented concepts to their businesses. As such each participant will develop their own unique business plan during the programme. Final presentation of each business plan to a faculty panel will take place two weeks after the last programme day.

AEG Modules flow diagram
To ensure that participants have an appreciation of the factors that govern and influence entrepreneurial growth, the programme will draw lessons from Aston’s GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) survey, the largest study of entrepreneurship in the world.

Who is the programme for?

AEG is designed for enterprising individuals, for management team members of growth orientated firms and for business unit leaders of large enterprises.

What will I gain from the programme?

Accelerating entrepreneurial growth will transform organisations by enabling business leaders to develop robust business plans to empower greater performance.

For more information

If you run a business or social enterprise based in the East of England, the East or West Midlands and employ less than 250 people and have the potential for fast or high growth, partial funding for this programme may be available through The Leadership and Management Advisory Services.


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