How We Deliver Our Programmes

CED - Delivery


Programmes can be delivered at Conference Aston on Aston University's campus, a fully serviced dedicated conference centre with recently refurbished 4 star executive bedrooms, or at any venue of our clients’ choosing, anywhere in the world.

Our delivery approach includes:
  • A process of teaching best described as action learning in style, guiding practice in small syndicate groups to encourage in-company application

  • Logistics and follow-up that is tailored to clients' needs and programme requirements

  • Customised delivery, in real time, to the participants’ responses in the ”class” room – tying in comments from those in different BUs  across the Corporate’s global terrain and facilitating the development of richer networks

  • Informal 1-2-1 coaching of individual participants during face-to-face sessions ensures that individuals get the most that they can out of each session and are confident and committed to apply the learning in their workplace

  • Case studies that allow us and participants to comment on real exemplars and events in the public domain. Case studies could also be written specific to the client’s organisation and issues

  • Projects which are often used as teaching focus and as the first point of application for taught tools. This underlines our pragmatic and company specific attention

  • Scenarios, written by participants, that reflect the current or recent business reality of those in the development journey .By applying the learning to these personal realities, knowledge moves to know-how, cementing the pragmatism of the development sessions.

  • Confidentiality with participants and accountability to the client organisation are equally important. To this end we provide post-session feedback to programme sponsors, summarising the issues raised by the group, without ever referencing those back to individual participants

  • Measurement of return on investment – to hold ourselves and participants accountable to deliver the value for which the intervention was commissioned

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research