Technical Leadership Skills for Nuclear Graduates

Nuclear Project Management
CED travelled to Cumbria to deliver the CoNP Technical Leadership module to two groups of Energus Graduates.

A total of forty-two participants took part in our two day Technical Leadership module, building their understanding of the key requirements involved when leading technical teams in the nuclear industry.  The module was delivered by Dr Andrew Bass and industry specialist Brian Wimpenny.

The Certificate of Nuclear Professionalism incorporates seven modules designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills for today’s nuclear industry professional.  The Centre for Executive Development is providing faculty expertise and content for four of the modules: Commercial Awareness, Project Management, Technical Leadership and Communications.

The Technical Leadership module is contextualised: participants learn new concepts, tools and methodologies and apply these to a case study based on a “real world” scenario.  Participants are assessed through completion of a learning log and a reflective practice assignment, accredited by the Open University.  The experience provides participants with a rigorous and practical grounding in some of the key knowledge areas and skills required for success in the nuclear industry.

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