Technical Leadership Modules for Atkins

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We are working in partnership with Atkins to deliver three modules supporting their in-house Nuclear Sector Technical Leadership programme.

Atkins is the UK's largest design, engineering and project management consultancy, providing multidisciplinary technical expertise in civil and structural engineering design. 

We have already worked in partnership with Atkins, delivering the Certificate of Nuclear Professionalism Project Management module; the three new modules have developed from this existing relationship, building on successful programmes in which technical people have been able to take on board new skills and knowledge that they can apply in the business straight away.

Atkins’ Technical Leadership programme has a focus on the behavioural issues that affect successful technical project outcomes, and our expertise in delivering modules that meet these requirements, such as our Communicating Knowledge module for technical specialists, was an essential component in fulfilling the brief. We are providing three of the five modules for the programme, delivering initially to a cohort of twelve participants. We envisage that a total of sixty Atkins technical executives from the target population will follow the programme over the next two years. 

Programme Modules

Communicating Knowledge

This module will be delivered by Aston's Paul Butler and Dr Uwe Napiersky. The content is based on our successful existing module and has been tailored to Atkins’ requirements.  Developed specifically for Technical Specialists, this module aims to:

  • Review the tools and techniques to stimulate high quality decision making
  • Explore the differences between interpersonal, collaborative and technology-based communication and how/when to use them
  • Investigate models which exemplify knowledge communication barriers and offer possible strategies to address these.

Appreciative Leadership

This module will be delivered by Martin Field and Aston Business School faculty. The module content will be a tailored distillation of the best and most relevant content from our existing three Certificate of Nuclear Professionalism modules, especially the Technical Leadership module, with some aspects from Project Management and Commercial Awareness modules. 

The module’s focus is very much on the people skills required to deal with the challenges of technical leadership, where tension often exists between project managers, technical leads and technical directors in relation to managing the triangular issues of time, cost and quality.  In the nuclear industry in particular, where the emphasis is very much on safety quality, these issues are especially acute and relevant, although the module is applicable to any organisation where these relationships exist.

Systems Engineering

Date and faculty to be arranged.  This module is still in development, but will provide an appreciation and understanding of the role of a Systems Engineer and their fit within the team of medium and large-scale design projects.

The remaining two modules on Innovation and Business Partnerships are being delivered by independent suppliers.

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